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THE TRUE YOU - Facilitating Personal Transformation

THE TRUE YOU - Facilitating Personal Transformation
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Co. Clare
Contact Person: Claire Ni Grianna
Phone: 087-9235552


Facilitating Personal Transformation

 We are a  professional organisation that provides you with a positive and supportive environment, to explore and reclaim 'the true you'. 

Through our range of courses and one to one consultations, our aim is to encourage and assist you in discovering and recovering, how you commmunicate, live, work and express your creativity, thus giving you maximum satisfaction from your life.  


About Claire Ni Grianna  

As the founder of 'The True You'  I have adopted a very pioneering approach to my own life and career. I have taking calculated risks towards areas that have inspired me, which has resulted in being at the forefront of change.

Following my own fear of speaking in public I came across the work of Lee Glickstein initially in 1999 and proceeded to train as a Speaking Circle® Facilitator.  I recertified in 2008 and I am currently the only licensed and certified facilitator of this work in Ireland.

I trained and became a teacher of Dancing The Rainbow® in 2000.  This is an experiental course that explores the energy in the body through the chakra's, movement, dance, meditation, ritual, art, writing and yoga. This work informs and is integrated into all my work.

In May 2008 I qualified with a Diploma as a Life and Business Coach from the Irish Lifecoach Institute (ili), and I am a member of the LBCAI. 


Claire NÍ Grianna  ICDN  CPM-LBCAI

            Diploma in Life and Business Coaching
            Certified and Licensed Speaking Circle Facilitator
            Dancing The Rainbow  Teacher




1    Life and Business coaching

2    Public Speaking 

3    DTR

4    The Artists Way


1.  Life and Business Coaching

What exactly is coaching and how can it benefit you?

Perhaps you have reached a crossroads in your life and don’t know which path to take next, or you are going through difficult life or business changes and can’t see a way forward.  Whatever your situation, I can provide you with a confidential space where, through a process of questioning you have time to explore where you are now, where you would like to be and how to get there.  This organic process often uncovers unconscious beliefs that limit your potential of creating and living a life in balance, joy, abundance and love that nurtures and supports you.  By setting your own goals and creating a realistic plan that will work for you, you have the opportunity of creating your best life and most satisfying and successful career.

FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION  -  to find out more about coaching, how it can benefit you and if I am the person you would like to work with - Contact Claire on 087-9235552


Sessions are typically 75 minutes, some people find one session is sufficient for a particular issue.  Others find a course of four, or a monthly session more beneficial as it gives you the opportunity of integrating changes and making that space for you on a regular basis to stop, reflect, and make changes as required.  The choice is yours.


2.  Public Speaking with Speaking Circles®


Do you find it difficult to speak in public?
Do you experience anxiety when all eyes are on you?

It is amazing the amount of people that know their subject and have something of value to contribute, but hold back from expressing it.  The reasons can range from a feeling of absolute terror at the idea of speaking out to perhaps a lack of confidence in just being ‘yourself’.  
In Speaking Circles your light, uniqueness and natural way of expressing are valued and nurtured.  Through a gradual process of exploration these powerful and transforming workshops will provide you with the steps and support you need to dissolve your self-consciousness in front of groups.  This will allow you to relax in the moment and think clearly so that you can express yourself fearlessly in your own unique style, any time, anywhere.  

In a professional capacity, good communication skills are essential for managing and getting the best results from yourself, your staff, co-workers, customers and clients.   As a private individual who knows when you will be called on to say ‘a few words’, to speak out at a meeting, or even just engaging with family and friends around a dinner table.  In Speaking Circles we move away from the anxiety of ‘performance’ based communicating to simply ‘connecting’ with and listening to your audience.  

The immediate benefits for you include,

  • Improved personal and professional communicating skills

  • Compelling rapt attention without ‘performing’

  • Accessing your natural humour and storytelling ability

  • Increasing your effectiveness as a leader

  •  Experiencing more connection in your relationships

  • Inhabit your body with grace and ease 

  •  Discovering ‘The True You’

Courses available
1.    Full or half day workshops
2.    8 week evening course
3.    As a communication module in your existing course  (If you have a specific course and would like to include a module on effective communication I would be delighted to meet with you to hear your requirements)

“This course was very empowering, a delight to be a part of.  An opportunity to become comfortable and appreciating of self…….As much a course in mindful listening as speaking……Very grateful for the experience.”                                     Sandra, Ennis

3.  DTR – Dancing The Rainbow® - Holistic Movement and Creative Expression


Devised by two Irish women , ‘Dancing The Rainbow’ promotes holistic well-being through movement and creative expression.  As a therapeutic healing programme it has already benefited countless men and women in Ireland.  In the work we focus on the 7 chakras in the body, (i.e. energy centres) exploring the different themes or ‘energy’  of each chakra.  The mediums we use for this exploration are Meditation, Visualisation, Colour, Movement, Dance, Art, Voice and creative writing.  

In this way we can explore the inner landscape of our  bodies, learning how to anchor and access the energy within.  The benefits for you include, getting out of your head and into your body, relaxing and distressing, a greater range and ease of movement, discovering your own unique creative expression, and releasing the artist within! . 


4.  The Artists Way - A 10 Week Course in discovering and recovering your creative self:


Have you ever longed to be able to draw or paint, write or compose music?

With The Artists Way you can discover how to unlock your latent creativity and make your dreams a reality.

Learn that it’s never too late to start fulfilling your creative dreams.

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